At home

Are you dreaming of fresh tomatoes from your rooftop, a salad box in your windowsill, a herb garden in front of your house, or an edible flower balcony?

Whatever your edible wishes might be, we can come to your home (in/around Amsterdam or in/around Berlin) and help you figure out how to plan and grow your dream garden.

Our consultations include advice about what, where and when to plant. We can show you how to combine herbs, flowers, vegetables and berries in order to create a biodiverse ecosystem that will make your surroundings more beautiful and provide you with nutritious, delicious food.

We can also help you set up a home composting system with worms or bokashi, and give you some tips for building healthy soil. We can also help you create a herb spiral, or a raised bed if you have a garden.

We love working with children, and can integrate them into your garden consultation.

Consultations include starter seeds, printed materials for future reference, and unlimited email advice from Cityplot experts during the year following your appointment. We can provide consultations in English, Dutch or German (Berlin).

At school

We believe that every school needs a garden! We can help set something up in any space and at any scale, from herb spirals to vertical gardens and from square-meter boxes to classroom windowsill boxes full of salads and herbs.

We also have an exciting school curriculum and can integrate this into the hands-on transformation of your outdoor space into a garden.

At work

Imagine if you could harvest fresh salad greens and herbs for tea during your lunchtime break? We can help you set up a rooftop or balcony office garden, and either train you to plant and harvest crops or come help you keep the harvest coming on a regular basis.

At your restaurant

We have worked with chefs of several Amsterdam restaurants in setting up crop plans tailored to their wishes, and planting and harvesting so that fresh greens, veggies, edible flowers and herbs can be harvested all year round.

Our previous restaurant gardens included Proef in the Westerpark and the rooftop garden at Paviljoen van Beuningen in the Staatsliedenbuurt (both have since closed). Since 2014 we have been maintainin the Kantine Garden at the Open Coop cafe in the Tolhuistuin, and since 2015 we have worked with the chefs in producing vegetables, herbs and edible flowers for Restaurant AS in the Beatrixpark.

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