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Cityplot team members have expertise in various areas including organic gardening, permaculture, architecture & landscaping, balcony & rooftop gardening, indoor & vertical gardening, seed saving, worm composting, building healthy soil, sprouting & micro-greens, heritage & exotic plants, edible flowers, urban beekeeping & attracting pollinators, winter gardening, keeping chickens in the city, companion planting, square meter gardening, supporting community gardens, organising seed swaps, harvesting, pickling & preserving, “lasagna” gardening, herb spirals, bicycle tours, restaurant gardens, and more!

We are based in Amsterdam and Berlin, but love to connect with urban gardeners anywhere on the planet.

Leonie Woidt-Wallisser


Leonie has a background in Architecture and the Fine Arts and is an enthusiastic Ecologist. Since having left a large garden in small-town South Australia, she has lived amongst the urban populations of Australia, Germany, the U.S. and the Netherlands. Her theoretical research in Restoration Ecology in the Cultural Sector, undertaken as part of degree studies at the Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam, have triggered her to start up practical, team-based ecological initiatives and to surround herself with inspirational ‘green thinkers’ (e.g. the Cityplot team members).

Leonie coordinates the workshop programme and gardens in Berlin, periodically joins the team in Amsterdam, and undertakes architecture and urban planning projects with a permaculture perspective.



Ann was the communications coordinator for the global environmental federation Friends of the Earth International for 16 years before she decided to take the leap into urban agriculture in 2011. She is an avid gardener, a certified beekeeper and a fervent believer in worm composting. She has a certificate in urban agriculture from Warmonderhof in the Netherlands, a Permaculture Design Certificate, and is finishing the University of Guelph’s distance learning diploma in sustainable urban agriculture. Originally from Boston, she has lived in Amsterdam for more than two decades. She brings a love of coordination and bringing people together to the Cityplot team, as well as a healthy dose of curiosity and adventure.



Born in India, growing up surrounded by the intensive cultivation practiced in Kerala kitchen gardens, Suzanne soaked in the interdependencies inherent in holistic, organic agriculture. She studied art and design in Bombay, worked in publishing in Dubai and marketing in Toronto, where she found her calling again by growing vegetables in the backyard, learning about composting and working in the farmer’s markets. In Amsterdam, with plenty of hands-on urban food growing experience, becoming part of Cityplot came about very naturally. She has trained with Patrick Whitefield in permaculture and now experiments with self sufficiency in her allotment garden. Suzanne is actively involved in local community gardens, breeds red wriggler worms, and provides garden consultations and a variety of workshops.



Originating from north eastern Australia, born to a family of very conventional tomato and mango farmers, Kylie has travelled extensively and lived abroad for the last 14 years. Having a background in media art and youth education she has developed creative projects and lessons for museums, libraries and schools. Already busy with worm composting and having a humble urban windowsill garden, Kylie stumbled across Cityplot in 2012 where she overheard Ann giving a passionate wormshop in Amsterdam’s Westerpark. Since then she has followed a number of the Cityplot courses and the humble windowsill has developed into a thriving and very productive suburban plot. With her creative background and good command of the Dutch language, Kylie assists Cityplot in the development and implementation of their youth-focused activities and workshops.



Though born and raised in Amsterdam, Annelies has always been fascinated by the natural world. She obtained master’s degrees in biology and education, and worked as a secondary school science teacher in different countries for six years, while spending most of her free time on organic farms or in yoga classes. She trained at the Warmonderhof biodynamic farming school for a year and is eager to share her knowledge of sustainable food production.

Allan Poot


Allan brings a strong business acumen to the table, whilst coming from a humanitarian angle. Having started life in Africa, where the air was clean and the horizon far away, he would like to see city dwellers enjoying the basics of what he once took so much for granted. Nowadays, his ideal working role combines his engineering, business and sales skills with his emotions. Being part of something new that is based on good ethical and moral standards make his heart sing! Combining strong interpersonal relationship skills with excellent administrative ability, Allan’s role within Cityplot is focused on the business interactions required for the success and growth of the overall vision.