Check out our latest workshops offerings below: the year-long urban farmer trainings, and individual workshops through the seasons. We give workshops at a number of different locations in Amsterdam, and add workshops often and spontaneously, so please also follow us on Facebook and subscribe to our newsletter via the homepage for the latest!

Did you know that worms can transform your food scraps into a rich compost? Come along and learn how to make your own worm bin for your kitchen or balcony! You will leave with hungry worms to live in your bin, and information about how to feed them so that they make a delicious treat for your plants.

Date: Tuesday 7 March
Time: 19:00 – 21:00
Cost: 30 euro
Location: The Hoxton


Voor een vruchtbare start van de moestuin seizoen organiseren wij een workshop over hoe je een teeltplan maakt voor je tuin, balkon of dakterras. Deelnemers krijgen een overview van de kruiden, groenten, eetbare bloemen en kleinfruit dat kan gebruikt worden in het creëren van een teeltplan voor alle seizoenen. Geschikt voor beginners, maar ook voor mensen met enkele jaren ervaring!

Wanneer: zondag 20 maart
Tijd: 10:00 – 12:00
Kosten: 25 euro
Lokatie: Stadstuinwinkel Wildernis

Our popular urban farming year training is going to be even dirtier and more productive this year as we're running it at our new farming location at the Fruittuin van West!
Six Sundays throughout the growing year, from 10:30 until 15:00. 
Fascinating theory, hands-on practice, and a hearty farmer's lunch will be included.
Cost: 300 euros for the series. Individual workshops 50 euros if there is space.
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Workshop 1: Sunday 12 March
Planning an Edible City Garden
− Introduction to urban farming –
− Growing on your balcony, rooftop, windowsill or garden plot
− Creating a Balanced Ecosystem
− Sun, Moon, Temperature and Climate
− The Basics about Herbs, Vegetables, Edibles Flowers, Berries
− Four-Season Crop Planning

Workshop 2: Sunday 9 April
Seeds, Seedlings and Plants
− Implementing your Four-Season Crop Plan
− Introduction to Plant Families
− Sowing indoors and outdoors
− Caring for Seedlings

Workshop 3: Sunday 14 May
Composting and Building Healthy Soil
− Compost Basics
− Composting with Worms
− Bokashi
− Sheet Mulching, Lasagna Composting and Hugulkultur
− Green manures

Workshop 4: Sunday 11 June
Creating Balance in the Garden
− Crop-by-Crop Care
− Attracting Pollinators & Beneficial Insects
− Controlling Pests & Diseases
− Propagating Herbs

Workshop 5: Sunday 9 July
Fall & Winter Gardening
− Seed Saving
− Winter crops
− Structures to Extend the Growing Season
− Building Healthy Soil in the Winter

Workshop 6: Sunday 10 September
Harvesting, Pickling & Preserving
− Vegetable, Fruit and Herb Storage
− Pickling, Preserving, Drying, Honeying and Fermentation