Cityplot encourages and educates city dwellers about how to grow their own vegetables, herbs, edible flowers, fruit and berries. We start with the basics: from planting seeds to harvesting, and from worm composting to attracting pollinators to your garden. We demonstrate how simple it is to provide healthy and sustainable alternatives to the global food system. Come join us, and expect to get dirty!

What would you like to learn? We offer many different opportunities:

  • We give workshops on many different subjects that teach you everything from how to grow edible flowers and micro-greens, to how to keep chickens in the city or how to create an edible balcony. You can join a workshop at one of our garden locations, or we can bring the workshop of your choice to your school or place of work. We also provide a comprehensive Get Down, Get Dirty, Grow Your Own Food year training that includes six half-day workshops throughout the year.
  • We work with community gardens around the city, helping with everything from crop planning to seed saving. We can also advise you on how to get a plot started in your own neighbourhood!
  • We have set up and help to run various restaurant gardens around Amsterdam. And we coordinate an educational garden project in the Westerpark area of Amsterdam, the Curious Finch.
  • We can come to your home, school or workplace for garden coaching, and then plant up your dream garden together with your colleagues, class or family.
  • We organize fun and educational workshops for children of all ages: in school, after school, and on the weekends. We also organize birthday parties that involve lots of playing around in the dirt!
  • We arrange bike tours to community gardens and eateries that serve locally-grown food around the city. We can set up an itinerary with you depending on what kind of projects you’d like to visit and how much time you have.
  • We can design extensive plans for fully integrated permaculture systems, combining architecture, landscaping and a holistic approach to living.
  • We organise unique and fun group outings (‘bedrijfsuitjes’) that include getting dirty in community gardens; preparing meals and herbal beverages from fresh local ingredients together; learning how to sprout, plant microgreens, grow your own cocktails; and much more.

We are also happy to work with you in designing a specific workshop, or series of workshops, that suits all of your food growing desires! Are you ready to get growing? Email us at info@cityplot.org so we can make a plan!