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We enjoy developing and giving lessons and workshops to children of all ages. Following are some of our most popular activities:

* making, mixing and spreading compost in the garden

* getting to know the chickens at the Fruittuin van West

* harvesting herbs and green leafy vegetables to make pesto

* collecting dandelions and making syrup

* building pixie hotels and gnome houses out of materials found in the garden

* making small plant boxes to take home

* making seedballs from bee-friendly flower seeds

* visiting a beehive and learning how bees communicate and make honey


We enjoy helping schools to create an educational garden (pre-school, primary and secondary schools). Cityplot can take care of design, planning, building and maintaining an organic garden full of edibles. Children will experience and learn hands-on about nature in their school garden. We can also provide regular classes that will include them in the full cycle; from design and building the garden to planting, observing and harvesting. For more information please contact our schools team:

Green schools and edible gardens education programme


  • Tugelatuin

  • Rivierenschool

  • Pluk! @ Fruittuin

  • Catherinaschool


farm education/ Nature lessons

Cityplot also offers farm education (4 hours) and nature lessons (2 hours) at the Fruittuin van West for school groups. Children will engage with nature in a program based around the work on a farm. Examples of activities include taking care of and feeding the chickens, picking and gathering apples, spreading  compost, tasting herbs and flowers, and examining worms. As a refreshment, we have delicious apple juice from the orchard.

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Cityplot also organises birthday parties for children. During this two hour program they get to discover the farm and will engage with the surrounding nature. Depending on the season and the age of the children, we will make an unic program.

Examples of activities are: feeding the chickens and pigs,  gathering eggs, picking their own apples, watering the plants, baking bread, learning about worms and compost, and more. This program will always include delicious organic apple juice from the Fruittuin orchard and homemade apple pie.

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