We organize unique and fun group outings (“bedrijfsuitjes”) for office teams, students, bachelorette parties, families and friends around the theme of urban farming. You can take your pick of a number of locations including the wonderful Fruittuin van West. It is also possible to visit several gardens by bicycle as part of the outing.


The program may include any of the following activities:

  • planting, harvesting, weeding, applying compost in the garden (varies per season)

  • making your own infusions with vodka, herbs and flowers

  • making herbal syrups for cocktails

  • making pestos from freshly-harvested herbs and wild plants

  • learning how to sprout seeds and grow micro-greens boxes

  • setting up a (worm) composting bin (to take back to the office if you like!)

  • making your own tea blends from dried herbs

  • learning how to “regrow” vegetables from kitchen scraps

  • “weed dating”, or get to know your colleagues as you weed in the garden

  • learn to make kimchy, sauerkraut and other fermented goodies


Let us know when you are ready to design your dream outing by mailing TOURSAMS@cityplot.org